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Our team of international employees are the best in their field! We have employees & freelancers in every area of expertise of digital marketing services to make sure you get the results you need for your business.  We strategies, discuss, debate, plan, and deliver!  Projects are delivered with positive results every time, our goal is for your business to succeed.  The DMC team is international, that means where every your business is, and whatever the time zone, we have a local digital professional in the right field.

We know the Digital marketing services market, and we know what it takes to be on page 1 of search engines such as Google or Bing.  We also know how to engage with your customer so that traffic converts to sales!  To succeed online today you need a digital marketing strategy! DMC have all the ingredients to deliver that strategy to your business so your clients have the best online experience possible.

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We are a one stop shop for your digital presence needs whether you are a start up and you need a complete digital strategy for getting customers on line or you have an existing presence and you want to improve your presence, we have the team of digital professionals to deliver results for your business.  We Focus on the following services: Web Design & Hosting, SEO, Email Marketing, PPC, Social media management, Reputation Management.

We are experts in all aspects of these services if you have any questions or would like more details about how we could help you send us an email by clicking on the contact us button.

Each project is different from client to client, and each project has its specific needs and requirements.  Such as the amount of people needed on the project, the expertise and the time required to plan and implement the project.  Our aim is to get results, stunning web sites or graphics, text that reads that is engaging, PPC adverts that get results and SEO that gets you on page one of search engines.  To discuss a project with one of our professionals fill in our contact form and we will come up with a project plan that will excel against your competition.

The Digital Marketing Company has its main offices in London, United Kingdom and San Francisco USA. 

We also have an international team of digital nomads that are located all over the planet! In today’s working environment location is not so important.  So wherever you are, and whatever your project or business needs, we have some one in your time zone to get your online services delivering traffic and converting to sales.  Contact Us

Search engnie optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization! The purpose of SEO is to get a web site ranking within search engine like Google or Bing.  You see if a website is not set up correctly, or does not follow the structure of SEO (like a lot of sites out there) potential clients will not find your web site! There are rules that should be followed to make sure that the search engine even knows the site exists!  If you imagine there are approximately 1.5 billion web sites (October 2019) and the number is growing on a daily basis! That’s 1 website for every 5 people on the planet!!! Imagine trying to index that!

So for a start the web site needs to be registered in the correct fashion.  The site needs to have key values, and meta data for the search engines and viewers to be able to know what the site’s purpose is!  SEO does not end there, there are many important factors such as security, speed of the site, if the site functions on all devices (mobile, tablet and PC format).  The site then needs to be written in the correct manner using key words that need to be planned out, considering what the site is, subject matter and the competition, the site should be shared in various locations such as social media and other sites this is known as a back link.  The web site then needs to be regularly updated with new content to make sure that the site stay on top for the keyword phrases you want to be ranked for! 

To make things more complicated search engines are always updating how they rank websites!  There fore SEO is essential if you want your customers to even have a chance of finding your web site let alone buying your services!  Contact us for a free analysis of your site or to discuss a project plan.

To begin with we will make a deep analysis of your  business to have an understanding of the market your are involved in, who your competitors are and what practices they are using.  From there we can then look at your web site, analyze your content, and how it is configured, and look at if the content and quality of the site should be enhanced.  We can then make sure your web site is configured to the basic SEO standards such as speed, security etc. We will also make key word research to find out where you are positioned in search engines and for what phrases.  We can compare that with your competition and then look at a strategy to position your business above the competition in your field.

SEO campaigns are a long term investment and it can take several months to see results!  We will achieve those long term results for your business, and we will work to establish your brand, work closely with you and make sure you are ranking on page one of the major search engines such as Google and Bing.

Each Project is different, each client and their goals are different too.  Therefore we strive to personalize each campaign, we will discuss with you your current setup, look at your configuration from a technical standpoint and look at strategies to get you to where you want your business to be!  We will quote and charge according to what is required in that project, depending on how many people are required in the digital team and how long we think that may take. We can provide your business with a custom quote that will outline the costs for each step of the project.  We guarantee amazing results that will not only get you more traffic to your website it will get your more business.

reputation management

Reputation management or review management has become such an important aspect of online marketing in today’s market.  Search engines, social media and review platforms give the authority for feedback, ratings and reviews. This can be an extremely powerful tool that can make or break a business! The key is to manage this service properly, of course your business needs to be offering a good service in the beginning but then you need to capitalize on that and have systems in place to make sure you are getting those important reviews in the right places so that new potential customers can see what an amazing company you have and why other potential customers should use your services!

Positive review can put you on the top of a google maps search, trip advisor searches, linked-in, facebook and a whole list of other important websites that can get you more business!  With the review management service we offer we guarantee more reviews, and those all important interactions in the comments section! There are easy pickings to be had if reviews are managed correctly, be better than the rest, let DMC show you the way!

Generally Review management is billed per hour, we look at each customer differently and make a strategy and plan accordingly depending on the current state of the reviews on line.

Pay Per Click

PPC stands for Pay per Click, this is a service that can be purchased from Search engines and social media platforms.  The idea is that you pay for an advert and if someone clicks the advert you pay for the click! Specifically with search engines you can pay for your web site to appear at the top of the list for certain keyword phrases.  The price varies depending on the demand of the phrase, this can be a really amazing and efficient way to get your web site in front of customers for a fee. This can be quite expensive so its important to plan this properly, do keyword research and set limits.

Our dedicated team of PPC experts make sure that when they undertake a Pay Per Click project the correct research and strategy is used.  We will not just set up a campaign and leave it running, we constantly monitor and track each campaign. We can then adjust a campaign depending on its performance to make sure that you, the customer is getting the best value for money for each campaign.  We will make sure that pre defined limits are used and give you periodic feedback and analysis. Generally PPC campaigns work well alongside SEO to gain rankings organically. This way there is not just a short term fix but a long term goal.

Every Client and every project is different, each project will have different requirements and goals.  Therefore we don’t have a standard pricing structure, the costs are calculated depending on the complexity of the project.  We always make sure the costs are understood before the project begins with no hidden fees, we are completely transparent with this.

Email Marketing

E-Mail marketing is the process of building an email list of existing and potential new clients, and then sending them regular emails. The idea is that you can send a newsletter or information about potential offers to the list.  There are various ways you can build that list, it’s important to have a strategy and system in place. Next you need to send interesting and useful information that clients will engage with! This is a great way to build up trust with potential new clients, its a whole other area of marketing that should not be missed in today’s market.

We will discuss with you about marketing ideas, and help you build a series of emails that can be sent to clients about what’s happening in the world of your business.  These emails will be engaging, informative, build trust with your brand and help to sell your products or services.

All of our clients are different, they each offer different services, and have a different take on the market! We make sure that we come up with the best and most effective email marketing strategy for your business.  The service and pricing will depend on the depth of research and the size of the team needed for this part of your business. We will come up with a detailed proposal to include design and development milestones. The payment terms will be agreed upon before any work commences

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the perfect place to advertise your business, interact with customers, and showcase what you can offer to clients!  Now a days who is not using social media? The problem comes with the amount of platforms (instagram, facebook, linkedin, pinterest, twitter etc).  The key is to have a presence and develop a following based on what type of business you have e.g. B2B or B2C!

Its possible to post for free but also pay for adverts on these platforms too, in today’s market if you are not using social media you are missing a large piece of the pie

Every time we undergo a new social media project for one of our clients it is an opportunity for us to use the skills we have perfected over the years.  We research each company, who they are, what they are, who is the competition, and what sets them apart from the rest! We will then identify the best strategies to communicate with the customer audience to drive the right type of engagement that will lead to the best possible sales conversion for each campaign

Every Customer and every social media project is different, therefore we will always need to make an initial analysis to determine the best strategy.  We will provide a free quote to clearly define what will be included in the project and at what cost. As each project is different we don’t have a standard pricing model.

Web Deisgn

A website is often the first impression that a potential client may have of your business! We all know that first impressions last, therefore its extremely important to have a visually stunning web site, that is well laid out in a logical way.  The web site should showcase the services offered that make readers want to stay on the page, read more and hopefully buy the product! So that means graphic design, great text, video and interaction. A good website can make a business succeed just like a bad one can make it fail! 

Web site design and development is customized in house here at DMC, a full detailed proposal, design milestones and payment terms will be presented to you before any project begins. 

Every Customer and every social media project is different, therefore we will always need to make an initial analysis to determine the best strategy.  We will provide a free quote to clearly define what will be included in the project and at what cost. As each project is different we don’t have a standard pricing model.

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